The Story of ACSA

The Australian Chinese Soccer Association (ACSA) was incorporated in March1995 as a non-profit sporting organisation.  It was formed with the main aim of promoting the sport of football in the Chinese Community and is the first Chinese football association of such nature in Australia.  ACSA is officially affiliated with Football New South Wales (the state governing body of football) and all our players are registered under Football Federation Australia, the Australian national governing body of football who sanctions all the football trips for overseas tournaments. ACSA is the only Chinese football organisation in this state approved by FNSW to run its own competitions independently under its own system.

There were already Chinese football teams in Sydney back in the 1950’s but the number increased markedly in the early 1990’s.  However, the level of organisation and coordination were lacking.  In view of the situation, a small group of football fanatics under the helm of well known Hong Kong national team representative Lok Tak Hing (1960’s) – who subsequently was elected as the inaugural Chairman, set in motion the tortuous work of forming the Association.  Two other very well known former Hong Kong national team players Lau Tim (1950’s-1960’s) and Cheng Yun Yu (1960’s-1970’s) also became part of the group. ACSA has 20 teams with over 400 registered players of numerous national origins participating in two major ACSA competitions from April to October annually – the ACSA league and S.A.Cup tournament.   Other than that, ACSA has also sent representative teams to participate in many other local and overseas tournaments over the years.  Nationally, we have played in Brisbane and Melbourne.  Internationally we have participated in the World Chinese Football Tournaments in Hong Kong in 1999, Vancouver, Canada in 2001, Suzhou, China in 2003, New York, USA in 2005 and Xiamen, China in 2007.  We hosted the ANZ Cup in Sydney in 2002 and 2004 and returned to play in Auckland, New Zealand where it was then hosted in 2003 and 2006.

We also played friendly matches in Hong Kong, Heyuan, China and Macau in 2006, then in Tianjin, China in 2008; Hong Kong, Dongguan and Shunde, China again in 2009, as well as a Tri-nation HKANZ Cup Football Tournament in Hong Kong followed by a friendly match in Chengdu, China in 2010.  We sent three teams to take part for the first time in the Shanghai 15th WCEIFT in 2011.  The 16th WCEIFT was hosted by Johor Bahru of Malaysia in 2012; ACSA sent a team to take part in the O55 Group.

In 2013 ACSA also sent two teams to the 17th WCEIFT in Hong Kong, one in each of the Over 45 and Over 55 age groups, to give our full support. Our main purpose of this trip was to take the opportunity to enrich our knowledge and experience of the sport and to get better acquainted once again with our new and old international friends.



每年四月至十月期間,澳華足總平均有二十支球隊及超過四百名註冊球員來自不同民族背景参與澳華足總的兩大賽事 – 澳華聯賽及足總杯。除此之外,澳華足總多年來亦派出代表隊參加很多本地和海外的賽事。在國內,我們到過卑里斯本和墨爾本比賽。國際性方面,我們參加了1999在香港,2001在加拿大温哥華,2003在中國蘇州,2005在美國紐約和2007在中國厦門的世界華人足球大賽。我們也在悉尼主辦過2002和2004的[澳紐杯],並在2003和2006回訪紐西蘭渥克蘭作客比賽,同於2006年也曾到香港、河源和澳門巡迴友好訪問,2008到中國天津,2009再訪香港、東莞和順德三地,2010参加在香港的[澳紐港]三國友誼盃及成都的友誼賽。我們也派出三支球隊首次参與2011年在中國上海的第15屆世界華裔長青杯足球邀請賽。2012年第16屆世界華裔長青杯足球邀請賽在馬來西亞柔佛新山舉行,澳華足總亦派出一隊在老年組角逐。



每年四月至十月期間,澳華足總平均有二十支球隊及超過四百名註冊球員來自不同民族背景参與澳華足總的两大赛事 – 澳華聯賽及足總杯。除此之外,澳華足總多年來亦派出代表隊參加很多本地和海外的賽事。在國內,我們到過卑里斯本和墨爾本比賽。國際性方面,我們參加了1999在香港,2001在加拿大温哥華,2003在中國蘇州,2005在美國紐約和2007在中國厦門的世界華人足球大賽。我們也在悉尼主辦過2002和2004的[澳紐杯],並在2003和2006回訪紐西蘭渥克蘭作客比賽,同於2006年也曾到香港、河源和澳門巡迴友好訪問,2008到中國天津,2009再訪香港、東莞和順德三地,2010参加在香港的[澳紐港]三國友誼盃及成都的友誼賽。我們也派出三支球隊首次参與2011年在中國上海的第15届世界华裔长青杯足球邀请赛。2012年第16届世界华裔长青杯足球邀请赛在馬來西亞柔佛新山舉行,澳華足總亦派出一隊在老年組角逐。


2 March 1995

2 March 1995

24 January 1995
24 January 1995


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